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What's Not to Psych? - A Psychology Podcast


Welcome to "What's Not to Psych?" - a psychology podcast hosted by award-winning author, Katelynn Rentería, BS. Psychology covers an incredibly vast range of topics, and here you can find episodes stemming from each corner of the discipline; from positive psychology to eyebrow-raising research experiments, to social psychology, psych life hacks & beyond, this podcast begs the question, what's not to like about "What's Not to Psych?"

Episode #0 - Trailer

Want to learn more about "What's Not to Psych?" Give this trailer a listen for a peek into what this psychology podcast has in store for you!

Episode #1 - Stay Home! But Go Outside

With all that is going on in our world in the midst of a global pandemic, staying home is immensely important when it comes to keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe. 

But staying within the four walls of your home can make you a little stir crazy, and being cooped up inside for so long can actually have negative impacts on your well-being. 

So, what's the solution to stay safe and meet your needs of venturing outside your home?

Episode #2 - Coming Soon

~ Coming Soon

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