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Browse below for handouts and worksheets created by Katelynn to assist you in various aspects of writing!


"Creativity & Mindfulness in Writing" Worksheets

I've created two worksheets to incorporate mindfulness into writing to maximize creative potential! Click the left button below to view and download the "Personal" version, perfect for personal use and in an upper classroom setting, and click the right button below to view and download the "Student Version", perfect for creative free-writing in the classroom!

The art of mindfulness essentially means being aware of your physical surroundings, and being able to view and sort through your thoughts to grasp onto new ideas and connect different influences in order to tap into your inner creativity. Practicing mindfulness can be as simple as taking a few minutes out of the day to focus on your five senses (sight, sound, touch, taste, smell), and then sorting through the thoughts that pass through your mind. By focusing on the environment around you, you can find inspiration in the details of things, and you learn to see unconventional ideas in innovative ways. When thoughts pass in and out of your mind, take time to focus on the ones that stand out to you; you never know what thought might spark a new idea! Often, thoughts can feel like clutter, too many at once and difficult to sort through. By practicing mindfulness, you can hone your focus and analyze one thought at a time, clearing the clutter and allowing for more space to create new ideas.

Each worksheet has a step by step writing space for focusing on your observations of your senses and thoughts, followed by an area to brainstorm and then plenty of space to free-write. Click the links above to download and try it for yourself! 


Publication Advice Handout

Do you have questions about the publishing world, where to begin publishing, or the pros and cons of different publishing routes? I'm here to help!

I've created a Publication Advice Handout with advice detailing the embarking moment of your publication journey, including tips and explanations about:

- The first steps of prepping for publication

- A checklist of things to keep in mind throughout the process

- Tips on joining the author community

- The pros and cons of different publishing routes

- Free routes for self-publication

- Extras on marketing

Click the button below to download, and feel free to contact me through my email for any question you may have!

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