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The Write Crowd - A Virtual Literary Expo

The 3rd Annual The Write Crowd 2022 hosted by award-winning author, Katelynn Rentería, is thrilled to host, interview, and showcase the independent authors of the Storytellers & Legends Convention streamed LIVE December 17th & 18th, 2022 on Facebook & YouTube!

Below you will find panel announcements, links to watch the livestreams, guest announcements, & more! Enjoy!


Panel Announcements!


Watch All Panels Here!

Fangirls of Fiction

The Write Crowd 2022 kicks off by featuring authors Jacqueline Smith, Miracle Austin, and Katelynn Rentería as they share their novels and love of fiction!

Science Fiction Edition

Join Gume Laurel III, Scott W. Kimak, & Randal Lee Gritzner as they share their science fiction novels, exciting releases, and more!


Children's Book Nook

Join authors Rosa Linda Cruz, David Norec, Ana A. Cavazos & Claudia Villarreal as they share their children's books & writing insights!

Fantastical Finds

Join authors Linnea Tanner, Kevin Looney, Nicole M. Davis, & DC Gomez as they share their stories of fantasy and fiction!


Video Features

Watch videos of Tracy Lawson, Eliza Lainn, Rey Banda, & Patty York Raymond as they virtually introduce themselves ahead of the Storytellers & Legends Convention!

A Novel Experience

Join authors Alissa Karin Shirah, Manuel Ruiz, Sylvia Sánchez Garza, & Cody Wagner as they share their novels and written works!


The Independent Authors of Storytellers & Legends Convention

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